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dNb, Focused on meeting the personnel needs of Information Technology companies

In the rapidly advancing world of the digital age, the most valuable asset of Information Technology companies is the right human resources. As dNb, we have made it our mission to meet these critical needs in the most effective way. As a Private Employment Agency approved by İŞKUR, we aim to bring companies together with the most suitable candidates and increase the employment rate in the technology sector. With our deep expertise and consultancy support in the field of Information Technology, we offer the most suitable solutions to the resource needs of companies. Our professional staff, specialized in the sector and technology positions, focuses on finding the right candidate for you with tailored technology-oriented recruitment services.


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DNBIK For You What Does It Offer?

Technology Orientated Recruitment

With special expertise in the technology sector, we specialise in finding the most suitable IT talent for employers.

Talent Pool

It offers fast and effective recruitment processes with a wide IT talent pool.

Recruitment Strategies

Provides recruitment strategies and consultancy services specific to employers.

Innovative Solutions

It optimises recruitment processes using advanced technology and offers innovative solutions.

The Meeting Point of Technology and Expertise

In today's digitalised world, dNb Human Resources plays a critical role in the meeting of technology and human potential. Our mission is to build an effective bridge between employers and job seekers by using the advantages of digital transformation.

With our professional team with Information Technologies and Human Resources expertise, we closely follow the digital transformation processes required by the business world and aim to achieve more efficient and faster results by integrating leading technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, RPA and OCR into our recruitment processes.

By offering customised solutions for businesses, we support them on their journey to increase their competitive advantages. For job seekers, we help them discover the opportunities offered by technology while shaping their careers.

As dNb Human Resources, we aim to be the pioneer of digital transformation in the business world with our commitment to international quality standards. We act together with our partners not only in recruitment processes but also in the construction of the digital future.