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dNb, Focused on meeting the personnel needs of Information Technology companies

In the rapidly advancing world of the digital age, the most valuable asset of Information Technology companies is the right human resources. As dNb, we have made it our mission to meet these critical needs in the most effective way. As a Private Employment Agency approved by İŞKUR, we aim to bring companies together with the most suitable candidates and increase the employment rate in the technology sector. With our deep expertise and consultancy support in the field of Information Technology, we offer the most suitable solutions to the resource needs of companies. Our professional staff, specialized in the sector and technology positions, focuses on finding the right candidate for you with tailored technology-oriented recruitment services.

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High Standards of Service

ISO 9001:2015 By establishing and implementing an effective Quality Management System, we create quality services to meet the needs of our business partners. ISO IEC/27701:2019 We ensure the security of the information of our business partners, stakeholders and individuals within the scope of K.V.K.K. ISO/IEC 27001:2013 We meticulously protect your information assets, corporate structure, policies and processes and minimise risks. ISO/IEC 20000:2011 We contribute to the business development process by integrating our information technology services, improvements and developments that will meet the expectations of our business partners into our ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates. ISO 22301:2019 By ensuring business continuity, we ensure the continuity of processes in all situations and conditions. ISO 10002:2018 By integrating our customer-oriented service approach with our structure open to all kinds of feedback, we ensure that our commitments are fulfilled.

We offer you Our Services

We specialize in helping you realize your business growth and development goals. From human resources management to digital transformation strategies, we offer solutions tailored to your needs. We are here to build your future.

Why dNb?

Dream New Beginnings...

It brings you the most suitable candidates with the qualifications you are looking for from its up-to-date and large candidate pool!

Challenges traditional solutions and develops innovative and groundbreaking solutions!

It saves you time and money by finding the staff you are looking for!

Conduct technical interviews to make sure that candidates have the qualifications they state in their CVs!

Reduces your costs by following the renewed labor laws and regulations!

It gives you the privacy you need.

Send Us Your CV and Evaluate the Positions

You can review Dnbik HR job postings and also send us a job application, We are looking forward to meeting you, who are experts in your field.